Asbury Park Skajama Party

Grab your pj’s and come party with us! Ska Punk night pajama party going down at the Asbury Park Music Foundation on Feb. 23rd, 2019!

All ages show, Tickets $10. Doors open @ 7 PM.

There will be prizes awarded for best onesies, snacks and drinks will be available for sale.

This is a DRY event, there is no alcohol sold or allowed on site, please bear that in mind and keep your booze at home. There will be an afterparty /pj bar crawl over to the Biergarten after the show!

Get your tickets here!

Asbury Park Skajama Party info

Get your pj’s ready for a fun ska punk pajama party, or as we like call it, a Skajama Party! February 23rd, 2019 @ Asbury Park Music Foundation. The Ska-Walkers will be leading off the night, followed by The Upfux, then our own Carnival of Shadows, and headlining is the talented group, Molly Rhythm. Get your tickets here, the venue can only hold so many people, so there is a limit to how many tickets are available! Click the link below for tickets!